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In a relatively short period, Xiaomi emerged as a major brand in the consumer electronics segment of the market. It offered more affordable options but of the same or better quality when compared with other conventional models. The launching of the Mi Note 10 was truly anticipated worldwide. As the first 108MP Penta camera in the world, it is the dream come true for many users. One of the smartphones in the market that boasts of very high photo quality is Xiaomi, featuring in their Note 10 a Penta-camera feature giving consumers the best photo and camera experience, the part Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review many cameras and photo enthusiasts would want is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Camera review considering the uproar about the amazing camera features of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10: Design   

Dimensions of the phone for size are as follows: 157.8 mm X 74.2 mm X 9.7 mm and the weight is 208g. The material used in the structure is aluminum alloy and it comes in white, black, and green colors. There are instances when customers can request some customized designs but understandably, that will come with a higher price tag. 


The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review shows that the smartphone comes with a 6.47-inch 3D curved AMOLED display screen made with reliable Corning Gorilla glass on the front and at the back. With the FHD+ comes a screen with maximum clarity and the HDR 10 provides first-class video contrast. 

Performance and battery life

As far as performance is concerned, this phone holds its ground solidly. It features the Snapdragon 730G chip, the best in the Qualcomm 7 Series. This chip allows for the maximum main frequency to reach 2.2GHz and the maximum rendering frequency clocks in at 700MHz. This processor allows for optimal speed for all operations of the phone.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is equipped with a 5260 mAh (type) battery with high capacity. It also comes with an in-box 30W quick charge and this implies optimal battery performance. The battery is designed to last for as much as 48 hours even with heavy use by the customer. The product also has a 30W flash charge accessory. With this accessory, the battery can be charged fully in just about one hour. 

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review: Is The Phone Worth Buying


Often described as one of the most versatile smartphones out there, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 comes with several features and characteristics. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Responsive in-screen sensor for fingerprints
  • Penta camera that comes with 108MP principal camera
  • 6.47-inch 3D curved AMOLED display
  • Versatile NFC which lends it support for Google Pay
  • The excellent camera features: these include 5MP telephoto camera (50X digital zoom and 10X hybrid zoom), 108MP ultra-high-resolution camera (complete with 7P lens and 4-axis OIS), 12MP portrait camera (complete with 2X optical zoom and dual pixel autofocus), 2MP macro camera (with macro zoom shooting) and 20MP ultra-wide-angle camera. 
  • The night mode 2.0 and vlog mode ensure that you get to take the best photos even under low-intensity light conditions. 


  • 6.47-inch diagonal display and a 1080 by 2340 resolution
  • High capacity 5260mAh battery
  • Penta-camera system (Wide X1, Telephoto X2, Ultra-wide X1, and Macro X1(
  • Support 4K video playback
  • Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth
  • Supports Android 9.0
  • Storage capacity of 128GB with 6GB of RAM
  • Colors available are Aurora Green, Glacier White, Midnight Black
  • Graphics card is Snapdraggon 730G (very effective, even for heavy duties like gaming), has an Octa-Core CPU


  • The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a camera for practically every event. The camera produces excellent photos during the daytime and at night. 
  • Powerful and reliable hardware and incredible design. 
  • Snapdragon 730G processor allows for smooth operation.
  • A massive battery that charges very fast.
  • Accessories and other features like the IR blaster, 3.5mm jack, and FM Radio.


  • The battery life is said to be lower than normal and not a few customers have complained about it. 
  • The smartphone has no resistance to water. 
  • Its nighttime photos are not as good as the ones taken by Apple or Samsung brands.
  • The quality of videos is an issue. 
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Price

As a smartphone user, one of the first questions I would ask after accessing the smartphone feature is that, what is the price of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10? However, the price of the smartphone can vary from place to place depending on several factors but for the international version, the average price is about $400. With this price, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a lot more affordable than other smartphones in the same series or other similar models. 

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Series

Apart from the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, the brand also has the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro which costs remarkably more. For those looking for cheaper models from the same brand and in the same line, there is the Mi 9T Pro. Then there is also the OnePlus 7T Pro which is considerably more expensive – it all depends on your budget. 

Buying Guide 

When it comes to purchasing the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, several other factors are to be considered. These include the performance, ease of maintenance, and availability of accessories. There are also several sale deals depending on the location so you can check out for the very best deals before committing yourself to get one. This Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review is written to improve user’s understanding of the value they get in the Note 10 product and should not be disregarded by users who hope to get quality and value for their money in such a competitive smartphone market.

Is Xiaomi Mi Note worth it?

Every smartphone users would love to have quality and value from their phones at a cheap or budget price, so having a smartphone like Xiaomi one might be forced into the dilemma of questioning that, is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 worth buying at the market price? Considering all the value that you get from this smartphone, it is safe to conclude that it is truly worth it. If you desire to have an affordable smartphone with all the top-range qualities but one that is not too big to handle or use, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a good choice. Easy to purchase and easy to handle and maintain.

Is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 waterproof?   

Is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 waterproof, is a question most modern smartphone users would ask. Although, many smartphones today come with waterproof features the same does not apply to the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 smartphone. It is not waterproof so you should not use it in areas with water or other forms of moisture so as not to end up damaging it. 


Xiaomi Mi 10 is a smartphone with unique features. For example, you are not likely to see its Penta-camera feature anywhere else. It easily parades one of the most versatile cameras ever seen in a smartphone. It has a good symmetry when it comes to design and has been made to be as user-friendly as possible. The phone is worth the investment if you are looking for a top-grade smartphone that is easy to use and maintain without shelling out too much, go for the Xiaomi Mi Note 10

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