Manual Fruit Juicer: Hand Press, Mini Multifunctional Orange Squeezer, Portable Juicer

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Enjoy Fresh Juice, AnytimeAnywhere!

Effortlessly squeeze every drop of juice from your favourite fruits with our Manual Fruit Juicer. Perfect for lemons, limes, citrus, and oranges, this juicer keeps the original flavour intact. Its lightweight and portable design makes it your perfect companion at home, school, office, or even on a camping trip. Made from safe, impact-resistant plastic, it withstands high temperatures and is dishwasher-safe.

Cleaning is a breeze with just three simple parts. Rinse it with water, and it’s ready to use again. The stylish design ensures it looks great in any kitchen. Experience the convenience and simplicity of fresh juice with our Manual Fruit Juicer.


  • Colours: White, Green, Pink
  • Style: Youth Trend
  • Material: PP (Polypropylene)
  • Size: 180 x 90MM
  • Package Content: 1 Manual Juicer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is this juicer electric?

No, this is a manual juicer.

Can it be used for other fruits besides citrus?

Yes, it’s designed primarily for citrus fruits, but you can use it for other small fruits as well.

How do I clean the juicer?

Simply rinse it with water and wipe it dry. All parts are dishwasher-safe.

Is the plastic material safe for food?

Yes, it is made from pure PP, which is safe, impact-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures.

Is it easy to carry around?

Absolutely! Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

Product picture:



Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 200 × 110 × 110 cm

Green, Pink, White




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